WXtoImg, No Clouds, Just map - RESOLVED!

Hi Everyone, I am new to SatNogs. I am trying to observe NOAA 15, 17, 18 and 19
I only see the map, but no Clouds.
Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

My Setup:

  • Nooelec NESDR SMArTee XTR
  • Nooelec SAWbird+ GOES - Premium Saw Filter & Cascaded Ultra-Low Noise LNA Module for NOAA (GOES/LRIT/HRIT) Applications. 1688MHz Center Frequency
  • V-Dipole Antenna
  • SDSharpe
  • Orbitron
  • WXtoImg

One mistake maybe, I have the wrong LNA. I need for NOAA 137MHZ, instead of GOES 1688MHZ

It looks like you haven’t caught any signal or you had caught very bad signal from NOAA, so it shows noise. The map you see is an addition of WXtoImg based on your location, it is not something you get from the NOAA signal.

Check again your setup, the cables, the electronic parts etc… NOAA has very strong signal so you should be able to get them, even without an LNA.

Thanks @fredy for getting back.
I removed the LNA and this is what I got now
Any settings I need to look into WXtoImg ?

That looks much better, maybe you need to experiment with the gain. Check if you can get something better with higher or lower gains.

Thank you -
Gains settings, I change in SDRSharpe or WXtoImg ? - Thanks again

Change the gain in SDR#.
Click on the setting icon and change it from there.

Thanks @thebaldgeek - I will know shortly -

@thebaldgeek - I set the RF gain to max and get this pic …

Here’s my setting in SDRSharp

Appreciate any more suggestions -

Here’s my antenna :slight_smile:

That picture looks pretty noisy.
The antenna looks Ok, that’s how a lot of people both get started and get good pictures from each pass.
How long is the coax cable from the antenna to the SDR?
Is there a chance you can put an LNA (low noise amplifier) in the coax near the antenna. That should help with the noise a lot.
The other test worth doing is when there is a pass, look at the water fall pattern on SDR# and change the gain while watching the satellite signal. You should find you can peak the signal and reduce the noise floor with a given setting. The gain value this happens at is the value that is right for your setup.
Just turning the gain up to max is not always going to be the best.

Antenna is approx 50ft away
I will get the LNA in few days
meanwhile, I will try your suggestion on next pass
Thanks @thebaldgeek

no luck so far @thebaldgeek
I am thinking maybe the copper wire I have is 6 gauge. Need a thinner one ?

At that frequency, the thickness of the wire (within sane limits) is not an issue.
Did you get the LNA? That will make a big difference the closer you can install it to the antenna.

LNA should be here tomorrow, I will try and update.
Thanks again !

I installed the SAWbird NOAA to SDR
Still hear lot of noise from audio
this LNA is attached to SDR which is 100 ft away via wire from Dipole Antenna

Here are the pictures … Appreciate any suggestions … @thebaldgeek

Here are some new ones …

Signal comes clean and then noise comes and then for a minute its clean and then noise… as we can see in the picture …
not sure why it’s happening … new picture and settings i used

It’s getting better - here’s the latest. thanks for all the help @thebaldgeek

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