Would like to offer an offline client for the SatNOGS Network w/ 3D orbit visualization to the SatNOGS Community if anyone had use for it :)

Hello SatNOGS Community,

during a university thesis, I have developed an “offline” client for the SatNOGS Network w/ 3D orbit visualization, pass and eclipse prediction, and integration for Kaitai Struct for the university satellite SOMP 2b. Since it was a great effort, I would like to share and provide it to anybody who might have a use for it. It would be sad if the tool would just end up in a drawer at my university.

Currently, it is in a usable state but would I would like to expand it if it is of anyones use. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here an image:

It is based on C++ and Qt and completely open-source to use! Its features:

  • Download SatNogs Data via REST client

  • Decoding transmissions using a modifiable python script, which can be easily altered for individual satellites. Currently, it is also utilized with the Kaitai Struct, which is used by the SatNOGS Dashboard. If a struct is present for your satellite, you can more or less just exchange it. The script converts the transmission data to .json files, which are afterwards read in. Therefore also non SatNOGS data could be used if provided in the right .json format

  • a generic interactive graph for each value in the decoded transmission (shift+mouse zoom, right-click toggle values, double click reset zoom, rectangle for zoom to area)

  • A 3D rendering of the earth with the satellite orbit. Using SGP4 orbit model (with NAIF SPICE toolset). If quaternions and angular rates are provided in the transmitted data, the visualization can display the orientation of the orbit

  • A page where the tool can predict the satellites passes over a location on earth. and the illumination (eclipse) state of the satellite.

The tool can be downloaded (already compiled for windows) under my GitHub page https://github.com/Olgidos/SOMPviewer.

The current description there is kinda “in work” if questions arise I would really like to help you :slight_smile: I am currently working on the written form of my thesis. A provisional version lays in the GitHub as well

Best greeting and a nice rest week


Can you port it to GNU/Linux?

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Basically, it should be no problem. The only thing is that the NASA NAIF SPICE framework needs to be recompiled.
Sadly, I have less experience building applications for Linux. The MSVC compiler logically won’t work I guess. But MinGW probably works. I will try to check it out in the following week. :slight_smile:


Cant find the pre-compiled for Windows, Is it There?, Want to give it a try

At https://github.com/Olgidos/SOMPviewer look on the right side under “Releases”. There you can download an archive containing the .exe.

If you cant find it here a link: https://github.com/Olgidos/SOMPviewer/releases