Working Rotator v3 and Helical for sale

Hello together,

I am selling my fully assembled and working rotator v3 and antenna here. With a second child on the way I just cant find the time to finish and enjoy working on those. The build is working, homing and pointing in both stages.

The best shipping option (PVC pipe and mast length are approx 2m.) would be not to ship :wink: I live near Friedrichshafen Germany, Or you may figure out a way of shipping. Iā€™d like to make someone happy so the cost estimate is below material cost. (~200eu for everything).

Whats included:
-Fully assembled Rotator, printed parts, alumium profiles, stepper motors, end stops, bearings, bearings
-Fully assembled Electronics, PCB with Arduino Micro, Stepper drivers
-RF Electronics: NooElec 820T2, 5m RF wire with N-type connectors, various adapters for N-type and 820T2
-Assembled Helical antenna with 8 turns

Whats missing:
-Case for rotator
-Tuning of the Helical antenna


Congrats on the baby!!

Hello planetsofa, we could be interested in everything but the antenna, this would make shipping (to Italy) more feasible, what do you think?

I have checked the shipping options. The rotator including mast and the antenna both are approx. 160cm. The shipping options only allow up to 120cm. I would have to reduce the mast length and split the antenna boom to fit. Shipping in EU is approx 30ā‚¬ and outside EU about 60ā‚¬.

Sorry for the delay. Still available. PM have been sent.

I havent heard back from pignoni ever since, so the set is still available.

Hi how much the total price to the Faroe Islands without the antenna?

According to the list of local parcel company Iā€™d say you end up at about 40/50ā‚¬ shipping. (In this condition world shipping would be about 60/100ā‚¬. Can not tell if 10kg/20kg as I have no scale at hand.

The set is still available.

Dear @planetsofa,

Iā€™m interested in the Antenna v3 + Rotors + Tripod kit, with accessories for outdoor fixed setup.

It seems that the kit does not have rain cover and so, right? Can you sell with that?

Thank you

I can only sell as is shown in the picture.
-There is no cover. I took wrong measures and would have to start all over again to build one.
-Tripod is not included, but you can should be able to buy any 15Eu one from Ebay.

As I saw your other post, do not expect that this you can put it on a roof use it right away without understanding or adjusting it, adjust toothed belt pressure etc. Its still a DIY project.