Windows GPRedict Hamlib + K3NG

Hi alls,
I have configured hamlib to drive my antenna and my FT847.
I use this commands in batch file:
rigctld.exe -vvvvv -r \.\com7 -m 101 -s 57600 -t 4532
rotctld.exe -vvvvv -r \.\com19 -m 601 -s 9600 -t 4533

Some questions please:
1> This command run very well, but is it a correct syntaxe ?
2> I must to launch the .bat automatically, are there other solutions, like a call from GPREDICT?
3> For the radio no problem GPREDICT drive directly my FT847, but for rotators, Hamlib must send data to third party prog (Pstrotator) , and Pstrotator drive my K3NG interface in GS232 protocole. Is it possible to drive directly K3NG from GPRedict ? (without pstrotator)

Many thank’s for the newbi :innocent: