Wifi instead of Network cable

I am using a raspberry pi 3 and a RTL-SDR V3, I burned the latest image and went thru the setup. The
Raspberry pi is connected to a switch on my home network. Right now its sitting on the table with a
monitor and keypad, small telescoping whip antenna. I dis a test observation for the ISS. I used my 2M
handheld and did some test transmissions during the pass. It all worked. I could see my waterfall and listin
to my recorded audio. I am an almost complete newbie with Raspberry pi and almost stunned that it worked!

My question is this. I plan on building a turnstile antenna to start out and battery power the Pi, then moving
the setup outside. Can I use the wifi on the raspberry pi and do away with the network cable. I also have a
TP link TL-wr802n travel router.

Mike Hoblinski


Welcome to SatNOGS!

You can setup your raspberry pi with wifi by following this guide https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/wireless/wireless-cli.md

If you need more help, let us know here or in #satnogs irc/matrix channel on freenode

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I used wifi for my raspberry Pi 3 up until I moved my station to just running on my desktop. S yes wifi will happily work. (Provided you get signal xd)

Great Thanks guys for the Wifi setup page. After burning the image to the SD card and doing
the setup I did not see an option to do a wifi setup. Maybe I missed it. It was my first time useing
a Raspberry pi board and was stunned that it all worked!

I plan to do a portable setup with battery power at first to do some antenna builds and test them.
I like to run with wifi for now and maybe run a network cable later with power over ethernet. I have
seen a few Raspberry pi add on boards to do this.