Why the YAESU G-5500DC do not moove from

Hi everibody,

We are the french guyana university and we are working on autonomous ground station.

The aims is to have 134 and 430MHz Rx/Tx antenna piloted by Gpredict during a sattelite run.

Our Setup ::

  • Rotor :: YAESU G-5500DC and GS-232B
  • Carte :: Jetson Nano 4Gb
  • tranceiver :: Hack RF One (and next Adalm-Pluto)
  • hardware :: filter and LNA for antenna

So we are encontering 2 problems without issues

The first is, when I use rotctl

“” sudo rotctl -m 603 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 “”

we can enter in the control pannel for rotor but when we use "P " for get a position, the AZ/el and inquiring, but 1 time on 2, nothing happen … sometimes it’s works and wometime not, we don’t know why …
All the cable are good and we use the lastest version of “Hamlib” and “Gpredict” on Ubuntu 18 (or 20).

When we use other comand also, “_” for exemple, we receive “none” as result for "/get_info"shortcut …

Anyone idea ?!

The second is, when i want to connect the system at Gpredict, i don’t suceed to enable the following-up and engage on the controle rotor panel … still the same, sometime it’s works and sometime not …

I really can’t understand why the communication is random and I feel like I’m wasting my time because it must be something very complicated to solve…

If anyone have an idea or want more information, we can provides them…

Thx you all,