Why is Observation 3252858: ERS-15 (2412) auto rated as failed?


The system auto rated this observation as failed. Waterfall and Audio are present.

Regarding Observation 3252858


There is a deviation in the receive frequency and this makes it impossible to decode.

I guess the lo of your receiver is off, and is the reason for this behavior.
Maybe it is possible, depending on you SDR to correct this.


thank you for your repl. I try to figure out what is wrong with
my SDR.

However, other records seem to be fine. These records where made
close to the other record. They are weak but they seem to
be in the right frequency.


The issue that rate this observation as failed is the fact that audio file duration (~19.5min long) is more than 1 minute different from the scheduled one (~30min long).

As rating/vetting process is going to change soon, I wouldn’t worry too much.

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