Why do my observations immediately get marked "Failed"

I’ve just reconnected my station today though this was happening before I took it offline. For a few weeks, new observations are marked as failed but when I look at them there is a signal and in some cases, data has been demodulated.
I’ve updated and rebooted, double checked the settings but it contiunes to happen. I’ve left the most recent observation that exhibits the problem here.

Any help appreciated.

@peterg For some reason your audio file is 179 seconds long but your waterfall graph spans ~260 seconds. This is most likely why it is being auto tagged as failed - the mis-match between the recorded artifacts:

Check out this thread:


Thanks @satcolintel5 I hadn’t noticed that the audio file was short. When I dug into the logs I saw that syslog was reporting Pi undervoltage during contacts. I remembered that a while back I had changed the dedicated RPi 2.4A PSU for a chinese multiport USB adapter that “claimed” to supply each with 2.4A up to a combined 7.2A. Initially it was fine but I added a FlightAware Pi to the same PSU recently and that must have been too much.
I swapped the RPi 3B PSU back in and so far the contacts are not being marked as failed.

Thanks again.