Why can others schedule farther out than me?

I’ve noticed that other users are able to schedule observations on my station at least 4 hours beyond what I can schedule.

Basically, I can see that others are scheduling observations that are as much as 4 hours beyond what is even listed in my “pass predictions” list. Why is this? Is there something I’m missing?


Hey @K3RLD ! Which is your station (so we can check obs and permissions). ?

I noticed that too. I assumed admins can schedule 2 days ahead.

My station is 187.

I assumed admins had special powers, too, but now I am noticing that stations even newer than mine are able to do this…

As far as I know except for stations that are in testing mode, admins don’t have any special permission on scheduling.

I think the “issue” comes from that in new observation page pass calculations can be for the next 48 hours while in stations page pass predictions are limited to the next 24 hours (if I remember correctly).

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I can confirm, that this is exactly what is happening. Both those things are settings in our prod and dev instances so we can change them if there is a strong case around it.

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Ok, that explains it. No need to change from my point of view.

I just tried the new observation page and can still only get 24 hours ahead. It could be just me though as I am having a very hard time figuring out how to use the date and time edit fields properly.

Ah, ok - I just tried a “new observation” and was indeed able to find a pass that was approaching 48 hours in the future. Thank you for clearing that up for me!


I just tried on /observations/new page and I am able to request for ~48 ahead:

I tried again and it works for me too… I just got confused because the arrow and DEL key didn’t do what I expected, then one thing led to another… :slight_smile: