Who is using a gps locked receiver for comparison

I want to compair the frequencies of different cw beacon observations just to see if my system performs as it should.

73, Norbert

Hey Norbert!

I do have observations with GPSDO. Which one you want to check? (preferably in UHF)

Hi Pierros,

I do not remember the observation number. There was a cw beacon barely detectable by my ears because the beat frequency was below 100 Hz.
Now I know the internal reference of my Ettus B210 is quiet good so there is no need to check against other observations. I just have to find out the reason for the very bad offset with the external reference.

EDIT: Now I have used my Ubuntu laptop with UHD drivers 3.15.x.x and GQRX receives the beacon 2,7 kHz below with the internal reference, since I do not know how to tell GQRX to enable the external reference input.
On the windows pc I use UHD drivers and there I get the +2,7 kHz offset with external reference enabled.

73, Norbert