Which documentation site?

Hello! I have been looking through the documentation in preparation for building some of the hardware project. I noticed there is documentation on the Wiki page, satnogs.dozuki.com, and ohai.satnogs.org/. I also see references to http://docs.satnogs.org. Is there one repository that is the “official” documentation for the SatNOGS project?


Hey @dkruse !

Our documentation is indeed all over the place right now :frowning:

Let me try to outline the proposed documentation structure

  • satnogs.org/documentation should act as the minimal reference, pointing to where documentation is
  • ohai.satnogs.org will include step-by-step instructions with pictures for mechanical and electronics (rotator, antennae etc)
  • satnogs.dozuki.com will be soon decommissioned in favor of ohai
  • docs.satnogs.org is an RTFD instance that will be hosting all software related documentation (client, network, db)
  • wiki.satnogs.org will be a reference for all the glue (how-tos etc), and detailing versions and not satnogs hardware too.

What are you looking for exactly? maybe we can point you directly to it. We would love some help with documentation too if you (or anyone else) are up to it :wink:

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Thank you for the clarification, @pierros . I wasn’t searching for anything particular, but I was a bit confused by various documentation repositories.

Once I start building some of the items, I would be happy to contribute to the documentation.

Is the data migration from dozuki to ohai going to be a manual process? I might be able to help with some of that.