Where to start for a newb?

Hello dear Forum,

first of all, I wanted to say hello and introduce my self. My name is Lex, living in Luxemburg, 40 years.
I am very interested into everything Space, RF, science and Comms related.
I am fairly new to sdr but I already managed to capture APT from NOAA. As this should only mark the starting I went into building a QFH antenna IOT have better gains. After some research about satellite trackers, I quickly discovered the awesome SatNOGS project.
I have a 3D printer and a DIY CNC, so I will be able to produce my own parts.
This is such a great project to realize as it really could open up my horizon but I am a bit puzzled when it come to where to start.

For sure, those are the points that I want to do in the coming:

  1. (TRY) to build my own SatTracker.
  2. Build HRPT and L-Band antennas of smaller size.

I already downloaded some files to print but I still was not able to find a “real” step-by-step guide on how to put everything together, the print settings etc.

I want to say thank you for all littles hints to get me on track!

Thank you very much!



Did you see these docs?


Some more links in this category:


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