Where to look for sats TX info?

Virgin Orbit just launched few sats into space.
I am particularly interested in polish ones: STORK-4 and STORK-5.
From where we get the info on transmission parameters and how do we add that info to db?

Thanks for info.

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Hello there!

The closest we know is this:

Assuming that this filing is for a constellation then we are expecting signals to appear at 401.10 Mhz

Thanks a lot.
What is the process of adding tx data into SatNOGS db?

What do you mean by “tx data”? You mean info about its uplink?

I mean what is the process of adding new entry for satellite consisting of its transmiter, frequency and modulation?

Is there a form for that or somebody from a core team does it manually in db?

I’d like to see required information and to understand the process of adding new sat to the SatNOGS.

You can find some instructions in this wiki page.

Anyone with an account can add suggestion for new transmitters or for updating transmitters. For satellites currently we use issues in operations repository, but soon it will be similar to the transmitters process(we are currently testing it in DB dev instance).

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