Where is everyone located?

There are lots of people interested in ground stations builds and helping out. It would be useful to know where everyone is located so we can maybe arrange meet-ups for people in similar regions. It would help coordinating the work and reduce duplication of issues like US available parts.

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Valparaiso, IN (North-West Indiana, close to Chicago)

There is a group of 11 students at Valparaiso University in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department I’m working with to build a station. We’d love to host a meet-up or something for people in the Midwest.

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Moscow, Russian Federation.

Trying to build station alone.

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outside of Bloomington, IN here… some of the Bloomington hackerspace (bloominglabs.org) are starting to get interested too.

Dan, small world! heh


Bloomington IN here (Bloominglabs). Also Dan, a student from St. Josephs college pinged us in the last couple of weeks. Sounds like they are trying to get a makerspace/hackerspace off the ground. I can put you in touch if you are interested in collaborating.

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Birmingham, UK.

Amsat uk committee member
FUNcube team member
GENSO s/w engineering mentor
Ground segment developer
AmsatDroid Prediction App developer

Dave, G4DPZ

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San Angelo Tx 100 miles south of Abilene.

A bit north of Boston and currently living in an igloo. :wink:


@dosman: sure, you can pass on my info. Not sure how we can help, but they are certainly in the neighborhood!

Hi from Argentina south América!! I hope will can be ensambled a ground station when can get all the parts (printed and electronics).

Mati lu9cbl

Hi, just south of Perth Western Australia

West coast of Scotland


Halesown, UK


Gold Coast, Australia

Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. Grid Square EN90RJ.


Grand Junction, Colorado (Western border of Colorado in the middle).

West Village of New York, NY.


University of Tartu
Tartu, Estonia

Currently living in Kampala Uganda, heading back to Middleton WI next year (3 months).
Been living here for a year now keeping track of different open source projects and really like this one. I’m fond of setting up wireless mesh networks wherever i move to share wireless access to my neighbors, using whitelists :wink: .
I just got an Outernet.is lantern unit and its been raining so much i haven’t been able to get it working so i’m back to tinkering with my RTL unit again…

I have rtl sdr unit which i think (100khz-1.7ghz Uv Hf Rtl-sdr Usb Tuner Receiver/ R820t+8232 Ham Radio) should be able to listen to some for the SatNOGs stuff?


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Sachin Maheshwari
Mumbai, India.

I am currently building a SatNOGS ground station in Mumbai, with the help of the community.
more details will be updated here: SatNOGS Mumbai, India