Where are the STLs?

Hi all … I’ve been mining through the gitlab site trying to find “released” STL files and I’m coming up short …

I see source … (FCSTDs) but now zips with STL …
I’m specifically looking for V3.0 files.

–> Rob, KA2PBT

Hey! I suggest you to build v3.1 rotator.

I’m already deep into the v3.0 printing and sourcing :slight_smile:

I’m in a similar situation. I could go with the newer stuff but would rather use what is hanging around here. I have NEMA 17s drivers, end stops, and a RAMPS 1.4 board. I am building a few 3D printers here. (Hypercubes) I hope the main shaft mounts are common as I already have 2 done and the last one on the bed. If not I’ll share with someone else. This looks fun!

@pabut and @k4rjj, as you can see in v3.1 BOM, the non 3DP parts are almost the same with v3.0.1. For example the deep groove ball bearings for the main axis are the same. The the main axis is almost the same the difference is in the length (in v3.1 is smaller). So if you haven’t started to printing, you can start with v3.1 parts.

I figured that as well but I need to use Stepper motors and that is why I’m looking for the earlier versions. Thanks for pointing that out though.

@k4rjj, in v3.1 you can also use stepper motors, it is like Quartapounds SatNOGS Rotator v3.1.

Thanks! This is exactly what I want to try. I have a reply off to him but if you know where I can get the STLs please chime in. Thanks!