What Windspeeds can Non-Rotator Antennas Withstand?

I am thinking about building a non-rotating anttena on the patio roof of my office building (7th floor), but I have been asked to check that the antenna will be able to withstand the windspeeds it will experience. I have been trying to find information about this on the internet but am really struggling to come to any solid figures. Does anyone know where I should be looking?

Hi fraser

It would completely depend on the construction of the antennas.

My person recommendation would be if you need specific figures to satisfy safety concerns then look at purchasing an antenna, most manufacturers will provide wind ratings in their specifications.


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To add to what ei4fnb wrote, you may need to know what force your mast will accept.

Example from this antenna:

Windload 90N @ 160km/h

Another example:

Wind survival: 100mph

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