What satellite sends TM bursts around 436.080 MHz, other than Monitor-4?

Whilst recording the TM bursts from Monitor-4 that are transmitted every 30 seconds on 436.080 MHz (+/- doppler), I also recorded TM bursts on the same frequency that were being transmitted every 60 seconds. Sadly, both sets of data were not strong enough to decode, but it certainly appeared by their varying signal strength vs elevation, that they were not coming from the same satellite.

Any ideas?

Guess you’ve already checked the Transmitters page.

But LAPAN-A1 seems to be dead from the beginning on.

Can you share the observation details, or example the object number

I will have to go back and check again on a Monitor-4 pass to see if I can ‘zoom in’ on this TM burst :slight_smile:

Update - there was a low Monitor-4 pass just now and I could ‘see’ the TM burst every 30 seconds from Monitor-4 (and I can decode these on a high pass). Again, I saw another TM burst on the same frequency that is transmitted every 60 seconds, a few seconds after the Monitor-4 burst.

So it looks like:
MON-4 (wait 30 secs) MON-4 (wait 2 secs) UNKNOWN (wait 28 secs) MON-4 etc etc

Does Monitor-4 transmit 2 bursts? (I think not). The unknown TM burst looks to also be 4k8 like Monitor-4.

I have to wait until 22nd May for a high pass from Monitor-4…

Do you mean this pattern?

I’ve taken it from an observation in sonik.space.
All bursts are from RS57S-1 (Monitor-4).

Well yes it seems that this is Monitor-4. This is a little strange because on previous receptions of the TM bursts from this Cubesat, the 60-second TM bursts were not present, only the 30-second bursts.