What’s next? My station is setup

I have my station setup in network-dev, it seems to work… what’s the next step? I have scheduled a couple observations, but am not sure how well they recorded…


Hello @Ke8fzt and welcome!

I checked your observations in dev and your station does not seem to return any results.

What is your antenna and receiver configuration?

I had a look (assuming its station 230) and it doesn’t look like you’ve got anything there.

A good way to tell is if you can receive a NOAA APT transmission and get a reasonable picture, you should be there. Looking at Obs 17445 there is nothing there. There is a bit of guidance in the wiki.

It might be worth checking the hardware is all ok as the waterfalls look empty which would suggest that the software is all running nicely but there is no signal

Hope that helps

Thanks, I have it hooked it woth a very basic antenna. I plan on experimenting over the next few weeks with a few different antenna, lna and filter combinations.

I’m glad it’s at least reporting to the network.

Thanks, Andrew/KE8FZT

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Let us know if you need anything

OK, so now what’s next?

I replaced my antenna with a drill deferent one (uhf corner reflector) pointed south, and finally got the combination of filters correct, and it seems to be returning results!


So… How does it look? Should I play with RF gain some more, or… ?


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Hey Andrew.

The results looking way better than my results with my setup.

Can you tell me: What antenna do you use? Which LNA?

I am using an Arrow Corner Reflector, with UHF and VHF feeds. The UHF is connected via 10’ LMR400, to the AMSAT LNA. Then 50’ to the basement, through an MFJ filter and then straight into the RTL-SDR.

Thank you for showing me the interesting antenna setup.

Your welcome. The AMSAT lna is nice for many reasons (12V power, premade, bnc connectors, donation to AMSAT), but it also has limitations of not being adjustable, like some of the other LNA’s are.

Also, my VHF feed from the same antenna is feeding an APRS iGate and FoxTelem.

I’m hoping to be ‘approved’ to take it out of testing soon.


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Looks like it is receiving very well with lots of data decode when the satellite is in the field of view:


Thanks, yes it seems to be doing fairly well. I am going to schedule a few more passes and then probably take it out of testing mode shortly. —Andrew/KE8FZT