What is target utilization

hey there,
Me and my friend just built a 137mhz V-Dipole after this guide: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/simple-noaameteor-weather-satellite-antenna-137-mhz-v-dipole/ I configured it as a VHF-Dipole because it was the closest thing I could find and reconfigured my coordinates but on the right side of the edit tab there is something called target utilization and the description doesn’t tell me anything further… I don’t quite know if this could be the problem why our station isn’t receiving anything but I can’t think of anything else… I am quite new and this is my first build I AM OPEN TO EVERY ADVICE AND SUGGESTION GIVEN TO ME

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It doesn’t do anything yet. But I believe the plan is in the future that setting will limit the number of externally scheduled observations that you want allowed on your station. For now it’s just a placeholder and shouldn’t affect anything.

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That is true.

In the near future the auto-scheduling algorithms will be honoring the utilization factors put in by the station owners.