What IDE do you use?

Hi to all!!! i want to know what IDE do you use to develop in python. I´m originally use NINJA-IDE, but the i´m move to PyCharm… This last option doesnt work in linux distribution.


Personally I used Ninja-IDE for a long time and I was very pleased. I switched a few months ago to Atom and I’m hooked till then :slight_smile: One of the reasons for the switch was the need to edit non-python code too and I wanted a modular IDE to fit all my needs.

I’ve never used PyCharm. I should probably give it a try. It’s supposed to work on Linux too. For instance for Fedora there is a repo in Copr.

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I have tried PyCharm in the past but wasn’t really satisfied (consumed too many resources for an IDE). Personally I use Emacs and specifically for Python development I use python-mode + jedi + magit.

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