What does "adding the missing BPSK mode" means in v1.3.4?

In the release notes for client 1.3.4 you can read “…In the past months, there have been many changes implemented in the SatNOGS client. Namely, using a separate function to read waterfall files, adding the missing BPSK mode…”

What does “adding the missing BPSK mode” means? If I schedule, for example, Funcube-1 och Nayif-1 “BSPK 1200” there is no data decode.
//Lars SM0TGU

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In this commit there was some refactoring of the code that chooses demodulators. For some reason the BPSK entry wasn’t added in the new code and it was added later with this separate commit.

BPSK demodulator checks for AX.25 framing, do you know if Funcube-1 and Nayif-1 use AX.25?

If not then this explains why you don’t get any demodulated frame. If they use it, then we will need to investigate what is going on. In any case the best way to start checking how we can demodulate those two satellite is by opening an issue for each of them in satnogs-flowgraphs repository.

Thank you for answer.
I’m not sure if Funcube uses AX.25 framing but they have their own decoding software so maybe that is not the highest prio for SatNOGS to implement.

Not AX.25:
FUNcubes are using 1200bps BPSK with both convolution and block coding based on the proven AMSAT OSCAR-40 satellite’s FEC telemetry model, and modified where necessary.

for more see: https://funcube.org.uk/working-documents/funcube-handbook/

All the code for the telemetry decoder are available on https://github.com/funcube-dev

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In case of FUNCubes someone just needs to hit the button for a MR :wink:

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