Has anyone tried to make the SATNOGS rotator weather proof? I’d love to build something that can live outdoors 24/7/365.

There is always the two opposing views. Leave it open and maintain or waterproof to a decent IP rating. There is probably a good middle ground, i.e. use a reasonable amount of protection and maintain.

I have exactly the same problem with my rotator so keep it in the attic (when its working). I think @cshields has kept his outside for a reasonable amount of time. I suspect it has a lot to do with where you are. Mine wouldn’t last long in a northern coastal environment for example.

What is your plan for mounting it?

On a mast mounted to the side of the house. Attick is an idea though… Wonder how well that’d work…

I fancied having a go with the cover plates and some good quality thick shrink wrap and see how that went.

Sorry for waking up an old thread, but is there any experience (or theory) around placing a rotator in the attic? Having it shielded from wind, rain and lightning are obvious upsides. Attenuation and fading (due to varying attenuation) could make the attic placement less desirable, but I guess that depends a lot on what material the roof is made of.

I’ve seen that K3RLD has a few posts, but except that I didn’t find much discussion on the forum.

All of mine antennas are in the attic. I’ll suffer with the attenuation rather than replacing antennas regularly, same for my prototype rotator. Its a trade off I know but I live by the sea in a wet and windy place so aluminium gets eaten very quickly.

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My station 187 and 272 antennas are in the attic. Not bad for the VHF station, but it really impacts the UHF station. I keep wanting to move them outdoors but life gets in the way. Also note that my antennas are omnis - I’m sure I would get MUCH better results with steerable beams.

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I tried using a VHF/UHF J-pole in the attic to pick up the ISS, but got nothing. Need to fiddle with it more, the attic may not have been at fault. Keep us updated please, as I would really like to put mine in the attic as well, once it’s built.