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Hi there beautiful people :wave:!

This is Nikoletta from LSF.
As you probably know every year we organise the Open Source CubeSat Workshop (OSCW). The event has been running for 5 years in a row. For the past two years, the event went fully online as the pandemic did not allow for any other option. Before we begin working on this year’s event we would like to hear from you and hear your suggestions and preferences.
For this, we have created a short survey regarding the event and we would like to invite you to take the survey and share your suggestions with us.
:pushpin: Take the Survey: Open Source Cubesat Workshop 2022 - Your preferences | Framaforms.org

Thank you for your time,

Have a great month!



Thank you and have completed the survey


Thank you too @PE0SAT :slight_smile:

Is the form also available in English ?

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Hi @chigurucolab.
The survey itself was in English. Sadly, it is no longer available. It ran for about two weeks.
Stay tuned, the results will be announced soon.