Waterfall range

I’m testing a new node and so I’m playing with waterfall setup as explained here in another thread but with no joy :frowning:
I had modified /usr/share/satnogs/scripts/satnogs_waterfall.gp as suggested but I get a different dynamic range on saved waterfall… any suggestion?
IMO 60 dB dynamic range it’s a bit overkill: I see most user have simple antenna system ( dipole / eggbeater / QFH) so, in my experience, 40/30 db waterfall range could be enough.
In case of higher gain antennas we could experience a “saturation” on highest S/N but I think that it’s tollerable… the waterfal it’s just a “visual aids” to get faint trace and it isnt a “measurement scale”.
Tnx in advance for any answer :slight_smile:

de I3VFJ, victor

Waterfalls are currently done in Python code. And dynamically generate their ranges.


Maybe I should update that “tuning page” - but there are still some people with old installations on the net.
I could add a note…

Tnx for answers guys!
@Patrick: yes, it could be nice to have a parameter to set waterfal range, maybe only two possible range ( to mantain a bit of standardization on the waterfall to easily compare among different obs ) say 30dB and 60 dB…
If it’s usefull I’m also ( time permitting …) on IRC #satnogs and #hearsat as “victor”

73’s - victor