Waterfall often not uploaded

Brand new fresh install. More than half the time so far, no waterfall ever appears in the network, even though the observation appears to have completed successfully (transitions to “unvetted” on the web page). In one case, the network has audio but no waterfall.

Where should I be looking for clues to debug this problem?

The only place where I knowingly diverged from the procedure outlined on the wiki page Omnidirectional_station_how_to is that I’m using wifi instead of disabling it. Wifi only, no Ethernet connected. I could test with Ethernet but I need to be able to run without it for the final installation.

There’s more I can do to debug this on my own, but any tips about where to start would be helpful.


Hey @kb5mu,

Welcome to SatNOGS! It looks like that some observations have waterfall…

The first step for debugging is to check for errors in logs. To get the logs ssh in your rpi and run:

journalctl -u satnogs-client.service

if you want to check them live run:

journalctl -f -u satnogs-client.service

Also take a look on /tmp/.satnogs/data directory and check if there are any files there, files(one for audio and one for waterfall) should be show up in this directory after observation begins.

Many station run on wifi, so I don’t think that affects uploading, except if it isn’t stable connection. If there are png and ogg files in /tmp/.satnogs/data then probably you should check the connection.

Feel free to join us in matrix/irc channel, people are online there and usually can help you debug live your issues.