VirtualMachine for Download

Hey guys,

I am using windows as main ham radio operating system, as maybe someone already read in my other posting.
I have my radio (YAESU FT-897) and my rotor-control-interface setup running nearly perfect in the windows envirement.
I would like to participate in SatNogs in times where I am not using my radio. But I can`t unplug and change the setup to a raspberry pi or similiar every time.

So maybe the easiest way would be a VirtualMachine (VirtualBox) which I can turn on every time I don`t use my ham gear.
Does anyone have such a setup?
Is there already a VirtualMachine-Image ready for download?

Do you think the idea would work?

I am installing a Panadapter into my radio to get a second RX way using the same Antennas as when I am using the radio for ham activities.
So I could bring an RTL-SDR Dongle on the second RX which could be used by the VM.
When I turn of the ham radio software the rotor controller could be controlled by the VM too.

Maybe this could help the community a lil.

greetz Steffan

Hi @DO6DAD – neat idea! In principle it shouldn’t be too hard to do something like this, (possibly using Vagrant or Packer to automate things), with the current Ansible module used to provision things. Making Ansible work with a non-Raspberry Pi might need a little bit of work, and it’s possible that there would be some quirks around sharing the RTL-SDR over USB to the host machine…but those are just guesses. I’d encourage you to give it a try and report back.

Okay, thinking of using Ubuntu in that VM - what do IHave to install? Just the Client or the dB too?

It would be just the client; the Ansible repo listed above should take care of that (modulo the differences between Ubuntu and Raspbian). Keep in mind that the Pi is the reference platform, so support for installing on something else may be something you get to pioneer. :smiley: