v3 rotator mechanical assembly timelapse

Today @azisi made a timelapse video of a v3 SatNOGS assembly.
I think it might help people that are trying to assemble a v3 SatNOGS rotator.
Especially if you adjust the player speed at 0.25

I suggest you also check out the mechanical assembly instructions for the v3 SatNOGS rotator in our dozuki page.
And the v3 rotator in our wiki for a general description of the SatNOGS v3 build.


This is great

I’ll be showing off our rotator at the NARSA ham radio rally in the UK in April. Are you ok with me showing this video on our stand?

It’s licensed under a Creative Commons license, feel free to share it :slight_smile: Keep being awesome.

Here in his latest docs, I’ve noticed the split aluminum tubing… why was that chosen to connect the arms to the rotator? Why not use nesting pipe with two more of the long bolts/nuts (like a cotter pin, but just reuse the same parts to reduce complexity) to secure the three pieces of pipe together? That’d reduce the weight, simplify assembly steps (no longer cutting notches out of tubing), and reduce the number of different parts.

Tubing with half cutout on the edges, is a typical way of connecting pipes-masts together. Many other rotators (radio amateur ones) do the same thing and it provides flexibility with different diameters and ease of assembly.

Check out how the connection turns out to be at the end:

Notice how the clamp presses the mast on the rotator tubing. it actually works pretty great, and it is easy to assemble and disassemble.