V2 rotator box parts

Is anyone interested in parts for the V2 design? I started building two V2 boxes earlier this year and I need to get my money back out of one of them (I am still going to complete one V2 box yet though before moving on to the V3 design). I have a complete set of the mechanical parts plus PCB’s (fully populated) as well as milled aluminum boxes, shielded wire, and other parts not in the original design to help eliminate noise from the steppers. Printed and laser cut parts are from the imperial sized design, however not sized for PVC (1 1/4" dowel rods work).

Also, I have a number of extra V2 gears printed as well as laser cut parts for the V2 design. The gears were printed with an Ultimaker2 and are relatively high quality. I also have a ton of 4 conductor shielded wire for the steppers if anyone needs some. Feel free to direct message me or post here.


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Including a picture of the parts. Screws are included, just not shown. Thanks!


That’s great I love the wooden stuff you’ve made… looking forward to see a wooden version of the v3 design :slight_smile:

It will come :-). And this V2 box has sold (will receive a good home in Austria). Thanks!!

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Dear dosman,

Allow me to assure you of my utmost respect.
As I understand from your post that you are focusing on a new project, therefore you are giving up some v2 parts which you have used in your previous projects. I would be interested in buying if still available, the 3d printed parts, H21LOB with Breakout and the PCB’s.
Please, let me know whether it is possible to buy the parts from you.
Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards,


I’ve sold both of the V2 rotators I had. These are the parts I still have left:
Numerous high quality printed gears for 1 1/4" imperial shaft.
Numerous high quality printed worm gears.
Random other printed V2 parts which I will round up - not a complete set of parts though.
Shielded multi-conductor cable for steppers.

I will have to check to see what PCB’s I have left which I can spare, I hope to build a V3 yet.