V2 PCB's available...if you'd like one

I’ve got 4 v2 PCB’s should anyone want one. Provided you don’t live in the back of beyond it’ll just cost a couple of quid for postage. Better used on rotator than sat on my bench.

A natty red colour, all you need to do it supply own components and a steady iron :wink:

Hello - I am interested in a couple of PCBs (V2) - I have sent you an email to your address on qrz.com. -regards- Bill, AB4EJ

I imagine it’d be too much $ to ship to the great white north?

It cost £1.01 to send to the US. PM your details and I can have a look


Hi there,
Is this the latest version of the PCB?


V2. I have a couple left

Whats a V2 PCb? sorry im late to the party :slight_smile:

Looks a bit like this…

oh cool, I would love to buy a satnogs rotator and all the parts if their available to simplify the process but I haven’t found any options.

This PCB wasn’t released, take a look at wiki,
" If you using an unreleased version of the board (the board that has fuse holder), in community post you can find pin configuration file."

Also if you want to communicate via RS485, as also referred in wiki,
"If you use PCB without R19 footprint, you can add it in arduino pro-mini UART header. "

Almost all the photographic and images references in the wiki are of a v2 board as does the schematic and pcb layout. It was not at all clear to me.

Are these PCB’s better off in the bin?

The layout and schematic in wiki are referred in latest release.
About photos, i didn’t have the time to update all photos with the newest version, and i think it isn’t necessary.

No!!! It is a functional version but you must pay attention in my previous post.

I’m looking for one PCB. I sent you an email using the address on QRZ.com.