V2 Controller Questions / Wiring

  1. What size fuse should we be using on the v2 controller?

  2. Are the CTS / DTR pins required to be connected? I plan on hooking up a raspberry pi 3, and I think you have to do some modifications to enable CTS/DTR

  3. What’s the power requirements for this board? I see a drawing on the wiki that shows 16 to 60 volts (36 - 48 watts) is that correct?

Off topic, what all free analog /digital pins are available on the Arduino Mini? I’m thinking about playing around with external led displays or compass modules.

If you solder jumpers for UART and RS-485 parts are unsolder, you can use CTS/DTR pins in order to flash via UART the arduino pro-mini.

Yes is correct, 36-48 Watt.

It is a good idea to use led display or other sensors. Also the board has 2x I2C buses to use it for example for IMU.