V2.2 Rotator Controller Assembly

I am in the process of assembling and documenting a build of the SatNOGS Rotator Controller v2.2. I have obtained the PCB from OSH Park and now need to start attaching components.

I have mapped out the components and where they need to be placed. However, there are some components that are optional (depending on whether stepper motors or dc motors are used and whether UART or RS-485 is used).

I have noticed from photos that some other components have not been soldered in place. In particular, the capacitor at C15 is missing in the photo of the controller at https://wiki.satnogs.org/SatNOGS_Rotator_Controller.

Also, the fuse at F1 appears different. The information I have is that this should be a small slow blow fuse (mouser part 1206SFS200F/63-2) and the photo shows a much larger component that looks fairly heavy duty. I am assuming the board in the photo is an earlier version from the v2.2 board that I had fabricated. The location of F1 and FB1 are in different locations and there is a location for an extra diode.

If someone can clarify this information I would very much appreciate the help.



Hey!! You are right! When you finished with the PCB assembly it would be nice
to update the photos in wiki. :beers:

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Would you like me to send you my updated document when I am finished?

Also, should the c15 capacitor be soldered in place?

I can help you to do it in wiki!

Yes, it reduces ripples of the power supply.

Still working on the controller board. How do I connect U5 (voltage regulator to the board). It looks like their is an area under the chip that needs to be connected (soldered?) somehow. Not sure how I would do this.


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