V-dipole - Entry Level Antenna

For anyone interested in creating a ground station and feeling a little overwhelmed by building an antenna, I found the V-dipole a good place to start.

It’s quick and easy, cheap, and proves that your station works!


I think the v-dipole is awesome!

Can we get this added to the list of satnog descriptions?


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Hey @joshua.lamorie which frequency range do you need?

On a side note I incorrectly use the HF Dipole selection for my dual band vertical.

@KD9KCK why don’t you choose two antennas for each band?

I have mainly been using it for NOAA-15, 18 & 19, so 135 - 140 MHz would do.

V-Dipole VHF 135-148Mhz antenna was added as an option on network.satnogs.org . Thanks for the suggestion!


Mostly because I wasn’t sure selecting two antenna that don’t discribe it would be good. (Also I have used this antenna with my SDR out of its dual bands and it works okay to listen.)

Could you add UHF dipole as well? I’m not sure of the frequency range, but I think it’s the same as the UHF turnstile. I’ve got one running right now. Thanks!

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