UX design/usability contributions?

Hi there!
I’ve recently gotten my satnogs station up and running (still in test mode for the moment). I’m still figuring out the best parameters, but I’m making progress. Thanks for creating satnogs! :clap:

I’ve come across some usability snags that confused me for a while, and I’d like to make some design contributions to the network.satnogs design.

I guess firstly - are UX contributions welcome? And second if so, whats the best place to make them?

de ei8fdb


Hi @ei8fdb,

the development of Network and its code can be found in https://gitlab.com/librespacefoundation/satnogs/satnogs-network. There are already some opened issues about UI/UX, so before opening new please do a quick check if there is already one for your suggestion. You are more than welcome to contribute, just make sure that you have read the contribution guide.