Utilize Internet Archive (archive.org) for storing observation audio files

We recently pushed some code changes to Network that allow us to store observation audio files to Internet Archive. For those not familiar with this organization the Wikipedia article is very well written.

At the moment we test it on the dev instance of Network and only for observations that are older than 30 days, but we plan to expand its usage to production during the next few days, This will significantly decrease storage needs of Network, which is important both in terms of cost, but also for making the service more reliable in the long term. The archiving process is fully automated and there should be no visual or functional change on observations that have their audio files archived.

We also requested a dedicated “collection” which is already live making it easy to browser through all the files. So we now have our own SatNOGS archive collection.

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Great idea. I had a really quick look and it is dead easy to use. Can it reference the satellite being observed somehow? Maybe search-able then for future understanding

Yes, that’s a good information to add to the metadata. For now we just add a link back to the Network, for instance see the latest one.

Thats solved that one then!