USRP2 or N200/N210?



Anyone using an Ettus USRP2 with SatNOGS. I see the concerns with wide IP bandwidths
and PI 3 MIPS/FLOPs.

Thank you. Using a but would sure like to use the UBX noise figure. HI


Station 754


Based off

I think the USRP2 is supported.


Thank you. I’ll have to give it a try.


Station 754


Yes, the ettus devices can sample low enough that the rpi usb is not an issue (I run a b200 mini on my station most of the time)



that said - I’ll be interested in your results with the dongle vs b200 - so far for our work in vhf/uhf I’ve found no noticeable difference. (that will likely change when we tackle higher bands)


Thank you. Now there’s a thought. Plug in a B100 (USB2.0) and see if UHD wants to play.

The USRP2/N200 with the UBX daughter board is less than 1 dB noise figure, and real shielding.

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Guy - W6MSU
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From the datasheet, it looks like the B200 mini has an NF <8dB. How much worse can the R820T be?