USRP1 support how to change ADC PGA gain?


I want to add the support for USRP1 in the satnogs client, because this professional SDR is now cheap, and very good quality.

But I’am stuck with a gain problem.
On this SDR (with a TVRX board) there is 3 differents gain to set : IF, BB, and ADC PGA.

Inside the osmocom source that is used in the client, it’s easy to set the IF, BB, and RF. But there is nothing for the ADC PGA.

When I try in a new gnuradio flow, with only an osmocom source and a GUI sink, I have signals, but very low. In GQRX, if I increase the ADC PGA, I have very nice and strongs signals.

So, how to increase the ADC PGA in osmocom source ? How do you deal with this in the USRP2 ?
I also tried the RF gain in the osmocom source but it dosent change anything. (with all of them at 50 db, I still have very low signals)

Any ideas ?

EDIT : it seems that the signal should apear in the waterfall on the satnogs project, but I still have blank waterfall. So far I only added the correct values to

EDIT2 : with a RF gain very high : 500 it seems to work, but I dont really understand why.

Thank you

As a quick workaround I would suggest to alter the flowgraphs and use the UHD source block instead of the osmocom.