Using SatNOGS to Poof Of Concept (POC)

Hi to all, i want to make a Proof of concept (POC) to make a groundstation with a comertial rotor (Az & elev), and one instance with satnogs to download the telemetry of a couple of LEO Sats (maybe 3 or 4 specific).

I want to download the telemetry locally in the raspberry pi and process later. Wich modules do I need to saw in details, to do this? I’m need one instance of SatNOGS Server?? i’m can run satNOGS client and server in the same raspberry pi 3??

Any help will be great to start playing with it.

Hi Mati,

Well, you basically want to set up a ground station, right? So what you need to do is install the satnogs-client on your raspberry pi 3 and register it on the dev network. When it is up and running you can schedule satellite passes through the network.

You can always download the audio or keep it locally for decoding.


@csete thanks for your answer. So i dont need to install the SatNOGS network in the same raspberry?

Not at all, unless you want to run your own network :wink:

That page about installing on the raspberry pi 3 is all you need to do, plus of course, set up your radio, antenna and rotator. The rotator must be hamlib compatible.

Thanks again, i will let you know how it be… Regards