Using Kenwood TM-V71a (using -m 2034 TM-D710G Driver) with Gpredict Software

Ok, I am very sorry to have to ask for more help with my interface. It is working but I can’t get it to communicate between the local host and port 4532. I have tried all kinds of configurations and tried using the set command thinkin it may need to set dtr and rts off but no change. I have two images attached showing

the log and my configuration…

You need to run an instance of ‘rigctld’ on the local host, too, so you can connect from gpredict!

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This process needs to be running, that will provide the port 4532 where GPredict can connect to.

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Thank you both, as I thought I only had to run the command once to test the interface. I am now running Gpredict and the radio is responding as expected. One final question, is there a Linux Command that I can enter to have the interface start at boot time or when I launch Gpredict?

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You are running Linux mint? Then there should be a systemd service taking care of this.

Run systemctl --type=service | grep rigctld to see if it is running.

cat /etc/systemd/system/rigctld.service will show you details.

Description=rigctld server

ExecStart=/usr/bin/rigctld $RIG_OPTS


And in my case /etc/default/hamlib-utils shows the parameters.

cat /etc/default/hamlib-utils

RIG_OPTS="-T -m 1"

You will need to change it so it matches your required settings.

Then run sudo systemctl restart rigctld

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Thanks Jan I appreciate all your help.