Using Kenwood TM-V71a (using -m 2034 TM-D710G Driver) with Gpredict Software

Ok, I am very sorry to have to ask for more help with my interface. It is working but I can’t get it to communicate between the local host and port 4532. I have tried all kinds of configurations and tried using the set command thinkin it may need to set dtr and rts off but no change. I have two images attached showing

the log and my configuration…

You need to run an instance of ‘rigctld’ on the local host, too, so you can connect from gpredict!

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This process needs to be running, that will provide the port 4532 where GPredict can connect to.

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Thank you both, as I thought I only had to run the command once to test the interface. I am now running Gpredict and the radio is responding as expected. One final question, is there a Linux Command that I can enter to have the interface start at boot time or when I launch Gpredict?

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You are running Linux mint? Then there should be a systemd service taking care of this.

Run systemctl --type=service | grep rigctld to see if it is running.

cat /etc/systemd/system/rigctld.service will show you details.

Description=rigctld server

ExecStart=/usr/bin/rigctld $RIG_OPTS


And in my case /etc/default/hamlib-utils shows the parameters.

cat /etc/default/hamlib-utils

RIG_OPTS="-T -m 1"

You will need to change it so it matches your required settings.

Then run sudo systemctl restart rigctld

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Thanks Jan I appreciate all your help.

jimgar, did you end up with rigctld successfully controlling your radio? In my case GPredict will only ever set the frequency one side of the radio despite having each side pre-set to the correct band.

For reference I’ve posted my interface setup.

Screenshot 2022-06-18 164836

Yes Lance I did using Linux, I purchased a new workstation and am now attempting to get the application running with Windows 10. I have been busy so I haven’t configured hamlib for the radio using windows. Sorry for the late reply.

Hi Lance, I gave up on Windows and went back to Linux Mint and it works great, both up and down links. The only difference in configuration I have is Sub Up / Main Down. Make sure both VFOs are not in memory mode when you start.
Hope this helps!

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