Using gpredict within a website

Hello. I am currently working on a website that needs to allow high school students to see the locations of satellites on a map.

I am very new to gpredict and satellite tracking software in general. I am wondering if it is even possible to use gpredict within a website. I am guessing that it is, but I have no clue on where to begin. I have downloaded the source code for windows, but I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of the files.

Is it even possible to use gpredict within a website? If so, what should my first steps be?

Hi @micah

I don’t think it is feasible to use gpredict as backend for a website because gpredict is exclusively and interactive GUI application - i.e. not really scriptable.

Take a look at pyephem instead. AFAIK both the SatNOGS network and the client use pyephem for orbit calculations.


If all your after is to start exploring the orbits there are many different websites that have a “gpredict” style output. Pick a common satellite like SO-50 and explore the various sources looking at that sat.

Here is the first result from Google that might help you out, caveat there are others that might be better or worse :slight_smile:

Have fun! I wish I had exposure to these things in high school!



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Thank you both for responding!

So I ended up using the leaflet javascript API to create a web based map. For satellite predictions, I am using satellite-js, a javascript API that uses the SGP4 algorithms.

Thank you guys again for replying.

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