Use gr-satnogs standalone


I am trying to use the gr-satnogs GNU flowcharts in a standalone way.
Most of the blocks are red (in error). I thing it is due to some variables are not
configured / missing. I got a lot of errors like this:

Param - Value(value):
Value “satnogs.fm_demod_settings[rx_sdr_device][‘audio_gain’]” cannot be evaluated:
‘module’ object has no attribute ‘fm_demod_settings’

Any idea about how to solve it? Is there anything I should configure before opening the flowchart
in GRC.

I am looking for a FSK9600 generic demodulator. As input I am planning to use a file (ogg, wav).


Did you build and install the package as explained in the readme?

Yes, I did.
I have opened the file directly. I mean I have not selected any block on the right side.
I hope it helps.

Ok, just wanted to check that you did the basic build & install steps. I am not familiar with the gr-satnogs package so I can not tell if additional configuration is required. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can help.

Open a python console and type:
import satnogs

Does python successfully imports the module?

Yes, it works.
No errors.

So maybe is the GRC. Can you post the output of Help->Parser errors ?


I have already solved the issue. The problem was the installation path of the gr-satnogs in my Linux Mint. So, I copy the library to the expected path (/usr/local/lib) and all errors are gone now.

Many thanks,

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