Upload Satnogs Ardushield int Arduino Uno

Hi!, i’m have a question. When i’m work with Arduino i’m generate a Sketch file and uploaded to the board, but in the case of K3NG Controller (used for satnogs), the files are in several formats (not only the sketch). How do you upload all this code to the arduino Uno???

Matias LU9CBL

I just got done doing the exact same thing. The uno sketch didn’t work for me, what I ended up doing was throwing debian linux on a box and downloading the libraries and using make.

How familiar are you with linux? I am a complete noob with this stuff lol

But you say that i’m need to compiled before upload in the Arduino Board??? i do it a couple of times but with software installed in my linux pc, not for later upload to an arduino board.

Not following what you’re saying.

Instructions are here:

First, there’s a few changes to the firmware that havent been commited to master yet. One shows you download locations of library files, other one is a fix for the warning for the tc74 temperature chip.

I tried using windows box arduino ide and cygwin and make and that didn’t work and tried just uploading just the sketch. Couldn’t get any of that to work.

Ended up building a debian linux machine, install arduino ide (I used the same install, workspace, and library paths as what’s in the satnogs makefile, just substituted my username)

Download and extract the 3 libraries mentioned in the readme, extract make in the path it calls for in the controller makefile, then from your satnogs firmware folder, Edit the makefile to reflect correct paths

If youre programming the pro mini via ftdi, the pro mini has to be unplugged from the controller and there’s a baud setting you have to put in the makefile 57600 that’s not mentioned in the readme.


run make, and run make upload and that should flash the arduino. This is assuming you already have a bootloader installed. Most already come with blink sketch installed. If you power up the pro mini when you first get it, you should have a power led and the other led should blink. If you don’t have the one led blinking, it may not have a bootloader installed and/or the default blink sketch.

Also make sure you’re using the 5v version of the pro mini and don’t use a cheap chinese clone. The one I got from Amazon burned the regulator up on the pro mini without it even being connected to the satnogs controller board. Order it from sparkfun or reputable dealer otherwise you’ll have to feed in your 5v from a different source and cut the tracer on the pro mini to disable the regulator.

Think I also had to give my login account access to the usbtty interface from cli

Also if your ftdi doesn’t have a dtr pin, you have to hit the reset button on the pro mini right before you run the make upload command

Thanks for your comments!!! i willl try this option. Only one comment, i’m using an arduino Uno because idon’t use the satnogs rotator, instead im using a Yaesu G500 comertial one. but i’m think the procedure is the same that you put in your comment.

Thanks a lot for your help.
Matias LU9CBL

Sounds good, let us know if it works!