Uplink/downlink modes?

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I was wondering why can’t we set the transmition mode (USB, LSB, CW, Digital) for each of the downlink and uplink frequencies ?

For example, XW-2A – U/v Inverting Analog SSB/CW
Uplink is in LSB from 435.030 MHz through 435.050 MHz
Downlink is in USB from 145.665 MHz through 145.685 MHz
CW Beacon is in CW at 145.660 MHz.
Digital Telemetry is in GMSK 9.6/19.2kbps at 145.640 MHz

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We don’t do any up-linking or transmitting. Too simple or am I not understanding the question?

@vk2byf sorry, english is not my first spoken language, I’ll try to explain better.

Linear satellite transponders works on different modes on the uplink and downlink.

For example, why isn’t it possible to set transmition/reception modes on both uplink and downlink separately ?

XW-2A uplink is in LSB and downlink is in USB. Why can’t we set those modes for the uplink and downlink ?

See here :

You understand ?

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It would look something like this :

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it looks like a valid remark to me… could you open an issue here in order to fix it. Thanks!


This would be redundant: Invert is exactly that!
If Uplink is USB and Invert is set, Downlink is LSB and vice versa…
If Uplink is USB and Invert is not set, Downlink is also USB. Same for LSB…

Could be useful for sats that are say digital one mode up and digital a different one down. (Or the codec2 sats FM up codec2 down)

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Yes, that would indeed be a use-case!

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I see that but don’t you think it would be useful in making this clearer ? I never remember if it is based on the uplink or downlink. That way, it would be clear and simple plus it would add the ability to set different modes for digital. At a glace, it would be much more simple to see the mode for each of the up/downlink don’t you think ?

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For information, i proposed an MR that implement this functionality :slight_smile:

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@deckbsd Superb ! Can’t wait to see how it goes from there ! Thank you very much !!! I’ll follow this carefully and let’s hope this will get approved !

@aleziss The functionality code has been merged. This feature will be available at the next release of satnogs-db :slight_smile:


@deckbsd awesome, thank you for the nice work !!!

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