Upgrading to a rotator based station

Hi All
A while back (6 months) I constructed my Satnogs station based on the Raspberry Pi along with the RTL-SDR and a simple fixed antenna, following the instructions from Omnidirectional Station How To - SatNOGS Wiki.
The results being surprisingly good and its great to see other like minded people making observations using the “Woodbank (G7NSJ)” station.

Recently I have constructed the "Arduino CNC Shield " rotator and now wish to incorporate this into the station.
One of my options is to install the “Hamlib” software onto the same Raspberry Pi as the Satnogs and setup the advanced features to control the rotator.
As my operating system was installed using the RPi-Satnogs image I currently have no Hamlib installed ,
My question is , Where can I find if one is available the Wiki for creating/upgrading to the rotator based system.
Or,is it just a case of installing Hamlib from somewhere (Where?) and setting the advanced features ?
Thanks for any input.

In sudo satnogs-setup you should be able to setup your rotator as it is compatible with hamlib. Check in SatNOGS Client Setup - SatNOGS Wiki in the advanced section the variables SATNOGS_ROT_* and HAMLIB_UTILS_ROT_*.

Hi Fredy,
Thanks for your reply,
Ok with the setup , I was wondering can I download Hamlib with the command line interface ?
I am not so familiar with moving around and setting up using the CLI as more used to the GUI on the Pi.