Updating the client

I have updated my Raspberry Pi satnogs client a couple of times via:
SSH into the RPi, run sudo satnogs-setup, select from the menu Update then Apply and reboot.
Yet my Dashboard Client Version has never changed from 0.9

It works just fine I’m just wondering how to make use of the new feature I’m reading about and how to make use of them.

I assume the announcement of the new Network release 1.10 is of no concerns to me it just means the Network is getting better.

Thanks, Bob vk2byf

There isn’t currently any newer version of client. So 0.9 is the latest one.

About Network, indeed the new version is for fixing issues and adding features that has to do with the Network and are no related with the client.

Which feature are you referring to?

Thanks Fredy
As we we say down under, “don’t fix it if it’s not broken”
I’m reading here about decoders for Meteor M2-2 and bulk scheduling which is of interest to me.
Cheers Bob