Updated stance on LoRa transmission support

Hello! I’m a part of a university cubesat program, and we’re planning to use LoRa to communicate with our satellite. I was wondering what the current stance on decoding LoRa transmissions on SatNogs ground stations is?

I’ve read through a few other LoRa posts (such as this one LoRa protocol in space), but these are from a few years ago and it seems like theres been more other work on enabling LoRa decoding on SDRs. Has the stance on LoRa changed at all since this 2021 post?


Has Semtech made any public statements on the reverse-engineered LoRa implementations? Yes, there has certainly been more work on these, and some academic papers on their use, but it doesn’t help with the issue that the LoRa modulation is a proprietary scheme.

Unless we’re sure that Semtech are not going to go issue any kind of cease & desist to projects using these implementations, why should SatNOGS risk including them?

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Just to mention here that we tried to contact them in the past but we didn’t got any answer or permission.

@temayer are you planning to use the radio amateur band? If yes, please coordinate and check with local radio amateurs and IARU if the protocol you are going to use is compatible with the regulations.

Hm well that’s unfortunate. I doubt our small university program would be able to make any change in that. Do you remember how long in the past this communication was?

We’re currently in communication with AMSAT (which is supposed to liaison with IARU) about what licensing requirements we have to meet :+1: and what band works best

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Not exactly maybe @pierros remembers. My impression is that it was 2-3 years ago.

Last email from them:

Screenshot from 2023-11-03 21-27-14