Upcoming test of 3 types of UHF antennas

In a couple of weeks I will test three different types of UHF antennas at my #satnogs station:

  • Turnstile dipole
  • Eggbeater type
  • Two stacked 8 element yagi at fixed elevation

I will post the result so stay tuned!


Will you be testing them simultaneously on the same passes? That would be the best comparison…

No sorry, I do not have that type of possibility. I think I will run each antenna with a couple of strong telemetry satellites on 437 MHz for at least 48 hours.
It will not be a perfect test but during 48 hours the satellites will have a couple of good passes, so each antenna should have a couple of good passes.

Hello Lars,
I have good results with turnstile and QHF antenna and 9A4QV “LNA for all”.
Also cross yagi with RHCP or polarisation switch are best option (sometimes SAT is tumbling).
I tested one homemade 70cm Eggbetter type antenna it was deaf. I suspect on phasing coax for loops.

My next test will be with Loga 3 antenna. At shops with radio, TV and SAT equipment we have this logperiodic antenna that covers VHF and UHF ham bands. Price is around 10eur.

73 Milo YT2CQ

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Interesting low budget logperiodic antenna. Please share your results later.