Upcoming SSTV transmissions


It seems that the NA1SS will be transmitting SSTV between 5-7 Osctober. The transmissions will be made on 145.800 MHz FM using the PD-120 mode. 6 images related to ‘NASA ON THE AIR’ NASA STEM images / photos of students will be transmitted.

I am awaiting confirmation of these transmissions. And maybe there would be an award for receiving these transmissions!


The event was moved to 27 Oct.


Per @ARISS_status

ARISS SSTV Update: In reference to our earlier SSTV Event post, an expected ending time has been determined, so the current scheduled operation window starts Oct. 27 around 10:00 UTC and ends Oct. 29 around 19:30 UTC. Stay tuned for any additional updates.


ARISS SSTV Event Update:
Our ARISS team in Poland has made available a special reception certificate for radio enthusiasts who participate in our upcoming ARISS SSTV Event running Oct. 27 - 29, 2018 (visit [www.ariss.org])

There are rumors of ISS txing around 145.490 not the 145.800… Anyone can confirm?

I just copied it here in VK5 on 145.480 MHz (+/- doppler, i.e. I set gpredict to a downlink freq of 145.480 MHz and let it do the doppler correction). So yes - it’s NOT on 145.800 MHz (at least at the moment).

I’ve added a new temporary transponder into the DB (‘TEMP Off-Frequency SSTV’) but I don’t have the powers to sync it across to the network so I can schedule and observation with it!


they corrected QRG to 145.800 over IARU1, sadly 2° over horizon

Temporary Transmitter moved into “not alive” as SSTV transmission frequency has been fixed.


Here’s one partial image from about 30 minutes ago at the right frequency (145.800):


There is a chance that this was a terrestrial transmission. Waiting for the next pass in ~20min to confirm that the frequency is fixed.

EDIT: https://twitter.com/M0GIW/status/1056157870411182080 is confirmed from twitter

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Hm… it looks like the SSTV transmission has stopped… still no formal info, just tweets and amsat list.

I confirm 145.800 in middle France 12:12 - 12:22 GMT pass with CW identification at the end.

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Indeed around that period we had some observations but the latest ones are empty :frowning: and also people on twitter say they don’t receive nothing on both wrong and right frequency. Let’s see, maybe it will be restarted later.

nothing here so far.

another pass in about 50 minutes.

will see, also monitoring with another receiver and mmsstv

Could be they turned it off untill they fix the text overlay problem.

Very neat!


no signal at either station


but today it’s nice… even on broken antenna → https://network.satnogs.org/observations/300039/
edit: seems they’re learning MMSSTV :slight_smile:




@atomus :slight_smile:
Yes, this was sent over Europe :rofl: