UNO/CNC Rotator - Motors Don't Turn


We are building a SatNOGS Rotator v3.1 with cnc shield with respect to Quartapounds SatNOGS Rotator. All of the electronic parts are tested, and they work well. However, there is a firmware issue which is not solved yet. Libraries are uploaded into the arduino correctly from here. When arduino gets power, motors start to turn. I think they are trying to reach their initial positions. After that, we are trying to send comments by hamlib(rotctl) and Gpredict. Actually both of them reads position of motors differently. They took comments and change angles. That change can easily followed from windows. In real, motors do not turn. Programs thought motors are turning but they aren’t. How do we solve this problem?

Thanks for your help!

UTAA - Astronomy Community

I wish I could help… it’s quite strange that it moves and controls the motors when you reset the arduino, but not when you send commands… I never had this issue. all I can say is… I’m trying to get a different version of software working right now too. mine works great with my setup, but it has the meridian pass issue. I am trying to get the meridian pass software working right now (so far without success)