Unexpected change of station/account Mugshot/Avatar

My persoal pic has been removed from anything.satnogs.org and replaced by a semi-inverted letter G.
Whereas everything.libre.space retains my chosen ‘mugshot.’
Why, and how to fix it, please?

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Do you use the same primary email address at https://community.libre.space/u/m0roj/preferences/account and https://network.satnogs.org/accounts/email/ ?

The rotated G comes from Gravatar.

Yes I do. Although I did add a second one recently, but not set as primary.
I’ve now deleted it. So I’ll wait and see if it changes back.
Thanks and regards.

The Gravatar has still not reverted to my own image and is still showing on satnogs.org
I can see no way to change it on satnogs.org and Libre.space is showing as being correct.

The image used on satnogs.org can be changed by creating an account at Gravatar. That’s how I do it - for both satnogs.org and libre.space (and at least 23 other sites I have an account on). Makes it easy to update the image in one place and have it reflect on multiple sites.

However, I don’t think a Gravatar account should be required for satnogs.org. Maybe the Libre Space folks have some insight?

I’m not a fan of building out Libre infrastructure using a proprietary service. Would be best if Gravitar was dropped entirely. (And Google analytics, etc…)

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Looks like maybe this commit:

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OK guys. Vanity loses. But thanks for your interest.

Yes this is the commit. The previous library was using gravatar or you could upload a separate one. Unfortunately this library wasn’t maintained and it kept back the development and critical updates, for that reason and until a new library is found, we are going to use just the requests on gravatar for avatars in Network and DB.

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I like the use of Gravatar, nice implementation :+1:

But you’re sending our data to Gravatar which does tracking. It would be better to have no avatars than introduce proprietary parts into the system.


That’s a valid concern, I’ve created this issue to handle it.


It seems like community.libre.space already proxies Gravatar images, which probably means Gravatar will not get private data from the visitor.

This is my setting:

and the url fetched for my avatar is https://community.libre.space/user_avatar/community.libre.space/mfalkvidd/240/3418_2.png

There are links directly to the gravatar embedded in network.satnogs.org.

You can also ctrl-u the web page to see the link. FWIW, it also pulls from fastly (CDN), mapbox (perhaps Open Street maps would be better), and various pages use google analytics.

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