Unable to fail corrupt passes without waterfall and audio

I’m not sure why these corrupt passes ended up in my queue but I’m unable to failed them out.

When you enter any of them no option to mark them as either failed nor bad is allowed, thus are there hanging in the pending queue without any resort to remove them.

I believe it’s some sort of bug but not sure if any workaround exists.

¿Any clue?

73 de Pedro, LU7DID

This is by design. The mark is whether there is a signal present in the waterfall. Since no waterfaill exists, there can be no signal.

See Changes on rating of observation and vetting of waterfall


So basically stations will have a pile of unveted obs if they fail in this way. And there is no way to vet them failed.

Nope, since if this is a typical fail mode it will be added on the failure check algorithm. @fredy input?

You will have to also have it check the time since the obs. Because it could take time for some stations to upload. Also if a station eventually does upload does the next system revet the total observation if you then mark the waterfall as good? I have seen failed obs that are actually just bad or are even good ones. (As mentioned in another topic.)

It looks like a bug to me rather than some sort of feature…

“Unknown” is to my understanding a status that can not be decided by the system, once you see it is either a good or bad or failed, but not unknown. The system doesn’t allow that final classification to be made.

Furthermore, there is no way the system can produce “data” without a signal, so perpahs the bug can be traced back to some wrong state that allows this anomaly to happen.

Perhaps it’s cheaper to let this bug stay than to devote valuable resources to solve it, but some sort of workaround should be provided in order to avoid the pile up of cases like this.

73 de Pedro, LU7DID.